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Code of Ethics


- to clearly set out the behaviours expected from all the staff members
and people who participate within our organization
- to set out the parameters of how we treat each other as well as those
whom we serve (customers, clients, truck drivers...)

Personal Responsibility:

- treat others as you'd like to be treated, in a manner that
demonstrates respect, care and compassion
- be mindful in your day-to-day dealings with all people while at work
and outside of work
- be honest and forthright in all you do, be mindful of what you say,
where you say it and the impact that your words and actions have on
- it is your responsibility to ensure that your words are in alignment
with your actions
- protect yourself by creating healthy boundaries in your professional
and personal life
- do not condone destructive and negative behaviours
- take full responsibility for your actions and behaviours and do not
blame others for what you experience
- admit when you are wrong, when you violate this Code and make amends to
ensure it doesn't happen again

Collective Responsibility:

- we represent a safe, welcoming, positive, supportive environment
- we lead by example
- we are committed to helping each other, our business partners, our
customers, our community and our environment as a whole
- we are transparent in our purpose and act in a manner that is just and
fair for all concerned
- we encourage the integration of daily self-care practises to enhance
our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being
- we maintain a commitment to ongoing learning
- we honour each other's uniqueness. We do not tolerate
discrimination of any kind, in any form, ever
- we represent GFW/ Nutless Clusters to the public in a professional
manner by exercising good judgment, integrity and adhering to the Code of
Ethics at all times



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